Belgitalia: team Corsico visits Oostkamp and West-Vlaanderen

During the first week of March 2023 our school invited 15 pupils and 2 teachers from our partner school in Corsico, Milan, Italy to our school.

Thanks to the financial support of our province West-Vlaanderen we could organise several workshops and excursions for our pupils and their guests.


Thursday 9th  of March 2023


8h35: Brussels: arrival Italian group.

 10h30 City bus to Oostkamp.

11h00  A walk in Oostkamp + host / guest + J. Hellebuyck

12h00    Meal at school

13h20-14h10      Workshop / Quest traditions and food in Belgium           

14h10-15h00      Workshop / Quest traditions and food in Belgium           

15h00-15h15      Break

15h15-16h05      Workshop / Quest

18h00: parents arrival at school: welcome + let’s get to know each other + small snacks

19h30: Pupils to the host families


Friday 10th  of March 2023


8h25-9h15          Making poppy wreaths. 2a2 + J. Jacobus

9h15-10h05        Making a presentation about food habits and recipes.   2a1 + J. Hellebuyck

10h05-10h20      Break

10h20-11h10      Music Lesson     + M. Devestel (9)

11h00-12h00      Tongue twisters in Dutch 1a2 + K. Vandewiele

12h00    Meal at school

13h00   Bus to Bruges: city visit with  + free time

Hosts + Italian pupils + F. De Koster + J. Hellebuyck

16h30 Host families pick up the pupils


Saturday 11th of March 2023


morning              Pupils with host families.

13h00  Bus to Ypres region.

Hosts + Italian pupils + parents.

14h00    Visit: Vrijbos Cemetery (Italian and Belgian soldiers).

15h00    Visit: Tyne Cot cemetery (Commonwealth).

16h30    Ypres + city visit + free time + time to eat in Ypres.

19h30    Last post at the Menin Gate . 4-6 pupils present our poppy wreaths.

20h30    Bus to Oostkamp: Pupils to the host families / Teachers: to Oostkamp.


Sunday 12th of March 2023


13h00 We meet at the parking of ‘Het Zwin’

Visit nature reserve ‘Het Zwin’ + a walk on the beach


Monday 13th of March


8h25-9h15          A lesson of French about food. 1a3 +F. De Koster

9h15-10h05        Kahoot quiz: How well do you know Belgium and Italy? Hosts + J. Jacobus

10h05-10h20      Break

10h20-11h10      8 Italian pupils: Pimping lunch boxes with Cameo + A. Deruwe

Crea Classroom

7 Italian pupils + group nature sports: Indoor climbing + S. Ghenin Sport Vlaanderen Assebroek

12h00    Meal at school.

+/-13h00             Goobye,  bus to the station of Bruges