Virtual exchange with Norway and Spain. I'mpact Erasmus+

February 1st.

Presentation: -Principals

- Video of the Spanishschool.

- Virtual ecological route : Senda del Tajo. Get to know Ocaña and its region.

- Activity: Introduce yourself  ( Design your shield )

- Quizziz : Game test: Show what you know about Spain - Norway - Belgium

- What a wonderful world! Contest. The pupils of the partner schools are the jury.

- Forum Etwinning: vote for the best.


February 2nd.


- Presentation: movie trailer

- Quizziz: Answer a test

- Making a slope for a chain reaction. (STEM-Lesson from Norway)

- Little Prince. Reading VII chapter.

- Page marking with recycled paper.


February 3rd.

- Temperatures measuring

- Excel graphs.

- Comment results

- Page marking with recycled paper: part 2

- Closing of the Exchange. Summary of work. “Tell us your experience”.